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Evaluating Out Upcoming Free Agents | Analysis/Reaction

Here is a list of the soon to be free agents that the Cowboys will have to make decisions on. I’ve added my thoughts after each name, let me know yours.


CB Alan Ball: He started the season off as our #4 cornerback but as the season progressed he played more. Problem is, he didn’t play well and our secondary is pure crap. I’m all for fixing our secondary through the draft and free agency which means I’m all for letting this guy find another team to call home.

CB Frank Walker: Same goes for Walker as goes for Ball. The more he played, the more obvious our secondary was a problem.  

S Abram Elam: He’s a one-year player as far as I’m concerned. It’s a shame, he’s a favorite of Rob Ryan but Gerald Sensabaugh signed an huge deal (overpaid!!) this season which likely proves Elam will be elsewhere next season.

LB Keith Brooking: He’s in the twilight of his career and with Sean Lee, there isn’t a lot of need from him. However, there isn’t a lot of depth behind Lee but the Cowboys envision Bruce Carter playing alongside Lee next season so I don’t think there is a fit from Brooking.

LB Bradie James: Time to let him go, Dallas needs to get younger and quicker. I’ll give him the slow clap though, his playing time was reduced in 2011 but he never complained

LB Anthony Spencer: He was a first round pick except, he doesn’t play like a first round pick. He’s there to help Ware but doesn’t do a great job doing that. As we saw in week 17, the Giants easily put one guy on Spencer and two guys on Ware which meant Dallas had little pressure on Manning.  We need someone to actually help Ware.


QB Jon Kitna: Don’t think it matters, I think he’s going to retire anyway but if he doesn’t, I’m not really in favor of bringing him back anyway. 

TE Martellus Bennett: He’s never proved to anyone that he’s worth even one penny of what he’s paid. He makes lots of mistakes and I’d much rather see his mistakes done in another uniform, that way, maybe someday one of his mistakes will pay off for us. 

OG Derrick Dockery: He started in two games this season and didn’t do an awful job. Little depth on the line would suggest he could return in 2012. I guess it all depends if the Cowboys choose to fix the O-line of the Secondary in the draft and free agency.

OG Montrae Holland: I look at him like Dockery, it all depends on what issues Dallas addresses in the offseason. He’s wasn’t horrible but not sure he’s good enough where other teams will come knocking. 

RB Sammy Morris: Murray, Jones and Tanner = Sammy Morris costing too much money so no, he won’t be back. He did a terrific job when we needed him though.

WR Laurent Robinson: Biggest shocker of 2011. When they brought him in I wasn’t hopefully be he was extremely useful. I’d like to see him return but other teams I am sure took notice of his production. Like I said, I want him back, don’t see it happening. 

Special Teams

P Mat McBriar: Probably the biggest watch in the offseason. A healthy McBriar is among the best punters in the NFL and no-brainer to bring back but there is no time table on his recovery.

So as you see, I'm not for keeping many of the free agents which means the 2012 Dallas Cowboys would look a whole lot different if it were up to me. I'd like to address the secondary, then the offensive line through the upcoming draft and free agency.