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Jerry Jones Said What? | Analysis/Reaction

I’ve been hearing a lot of “can you believe what Jerry said now” over the last couple of days. There seems to be a little confusion as to what actually said. Calvin Watkins tweeted Monday that "Jerry Jones said the biggest difference between the Cowboys and Giants is Eli Manning.”  Because there is only so much you can say in a tweet, what Watkins tweeted led to a lot of confusion. He later tweeted in response to someone that “Can't control the translation of other people.” That’s true, you can’t but you can be a little more careful of what you tweet. The immediate fallout from his tweet, even though he mentioned Jones praised Romo, was a lot of discussion that Jerry obviously doesn’t support Romo.

Here’s what Jerry actually said:

“I thought (Tony) Romo was competing at a level that would’ve given us that opportunity but the rest of us need to play better and get better before we can really gel the way the Giants are,” “I don’t want to take anything away [from the Giants] but the big difference was Eli came up here and started what seemed like a pretty significant [stretch]," Jones said. "But the quarterback play with Eli was the huge difference. We had good quarterback play, but I'd say as a team, they just got better and better near the end," he added. "Their depth, that's how I view us. I had counted -- we had counted -- on getting better, and we didn't. We went the other way." 

Honestly, was he wrong to say what he said?  Give Jones credit because he said something that was actually intelligent  as there was .no namecalling or ridiculous back and forth that we typically see from Jerry Jones. He’s not wrong, what was wrong about this whole situation is that Watkins tweeted what he tweeted. If Watkins wanted to tweet something, why not tweet :

Jones felt Romo competed at a level that would have won but the rest of the team didn't, unlike NY where Eli had support from his team

That was all done in less than 140 characters and relays the message that Jones was trying to get across more accurately but it’s the offseason, I guess you need a reason for people to read your columns at this point in the year.