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Randon Thoughts: Cowboys Could A Thing or Two from NY | Analysis/Reaction

So we have our 2 Super Bowl contestants and one of them is our hatred rival the New York Giants, who of course we are going to root against. To think, we were 6 minutes away from ending their season and now they are playing in the Super Bowl. It just goes to show you that you don’t have to play lights out football every week of the season, only when it really matters.

Now, for some random thoughts

  • Mentally, the Giants are a much better team that the Cowboys. When we played NY in week 17 in a win or go home type of situation, I honestly believed that it really didn’t matter who won that game, both teams weren’t going to make it to Indianapolis. That turned out not to be the case for the Giants but I still believe that would have been the case for the Cowboys. Do you think the Cowboys could have gone into Lambeau Field and beaten the Packers like the Giants did? Could the Cowboys have beaten the Niners twice this season? Would they have beaten up on the Falcons like the Giants did?

  • I’m glad to see Robinson wants to return to the Dallas Cowboys and for me, it’s a no brainer.  If theyt don’t resign Robinson, this is the depth chart at wideout: Miles Austin,Dez Bryant, Andre Holmes, Dwayne Harris and Raymond Radway. You think that’s a wide receiving corps that rivals the Eagles or the Giants (just to pick out some NFC East opponents). . If you're wondering, Kevin Ogletree and Jesse Holley are free agents and it doesn't appear they will return in 2012. 

  • I’ve never compare Tony Romo to Eli Manning because there is no reason to. Eli is the #1 overall pick in the draft while Tony Romo went undrafted. That alone says enough. That’s not to say Romo isn’t a decent QB, because he is but there is no need to compare the two. The Giants have an elite QB (no I’m not sold that he’s as good as Brady yet) and very good offensive line. Yes, the Niners got to him A LOT yesterday but last week in Green Bay, he had so much time to sit in the pocket and wait for his guys to get open. The Cowboys O-line never gives Romo much time at all. The Giants pass rush comes from all sides whereas the Cowboys pass rush seems to be focused around one player, DeMarcus Ware. So to sum it up, if next year, Dallas wants to be right where NY is right now, they have to improve their O-line, their pass rush, certainly their secondary and maybe even add more depth to their passing game, all things the Giants have in place already.

  • I like the hiring of Bill Callahan because I think he might find success in coaching our younger players. No doubt in my mind that Hudson Houck had issues reaching the younger players on the offensive line. Hopefully Callahan can teach Bill Nagy how and when to correctly snap the ball to the quarterback.