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Monday Night Football: Cowboys Host The NY Giants | Game Previews

Lets hope this isn't the best part of the game tonight!The Giants and Cowboys sqaure off tonight in Dallas. The Giants look to pull the plug on a Cowboys team that is currently on life support. At 1-4, the Cowboys have been a complete mess and have given away games by countless penalties and turnovers this season. The Cowboys can only blame themselves because the days of blaming Jessica Simpson and Terrell Owens are long gone. A loss to the Giants tonight would mean the proverbial nail in the coffin for the Cowboys.

Can the Cowboys win? Can they stop shooting themselves in the foot? A few things need to happen in order for the Cowboys to take a win away from the Giants.

#1 - Cowboys MUST score first. The fans are already impatient with this team, can you even imagine what the crowd will be like if the Giants take an early lead?

#2 - Turnovers: Cowboys must not give anything away to the Giants and MUST start taking the ball away on defense. The Cowboys have four takeaways and nine giveaways, which equals a minus-5 differential, which equates to a 29th league ranking. Manning is tied for 5th in the league with 8 interceptions and hopefully will throw a few tonight.

#3 - Get Points: The Cowboys have the third-ranked offense based on yardage but rank 16th in the league in scoring. The Cowboys outgained the Vikings 314 yards to 188 yards but still lost the game last weekend. Why? The Cowboys average starting position was their 21 while the Vikings' average start was their 40. Turnovers/Penalties ARE COSTLY!!

#4 - Play Smart Football: I've been saying this for weeks now and hopefully, one of these weeks it will come true. Score a TD just hand the ball over to the ref and avoid the costly penalties after the TD. I mean it is your job to score TD's, act like it! Don't commit stupid penalties that kill momentum on offense and negate 3rd down failures by the other team. There are always going to be some penalties but the last 2 weeks, the Cowboys penalties have been excessive.

It's simple. If the Cowboys win tonight, the team can continue on the quest of trying to get into the playoffs after a miserbale start. If the Giants win, forget it, pull the plug and call it..