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Q&A Session With Ultimate NYG | Game Previews

A great thing about being part of the Bloguin network is that there are so many resources to collaborate with for upcoming games. This week, we have a Q&A session with the great guys over at Ultimate NYG

1. Statistically, Tony Romo has been having great games, despite the Cowboys losing record. What does he need to watch out for against the Giants? Are there any areas he can pick on? 
The Giants' strengths on defense are its pass rush, its run defense, and its secondary's talent.  The weaknesses are its LBers in coverage and the Tampa2 zone, where a WR can sitdown between the CB and Safety.  I would still use Witten and test the Safety who is guarding him. 
2. The Giants appear to be getting to the opposing QB with ease over the last couple of weeks. Kyle Kosier is out for Dallas which hurts an already weak offensive line and Romo has a thumb injury on his non-throwing hand, so there is obvious concern about the pass rush for Cowboys fans. What makes the Giants pass rush so effective and do you think they'll continue the same success against the Cowboys?
Romo should look for ways to step up into the pocket and avoid the Osi strip sack.  Simultaneously, he can leave the pocket above Osi and buy more time if needed.  But that advice is predicated on the interior linemen holding the Defensive Tackles at bay.  Cofield (and Canty to a lesser extent) have been able to get pressure, so that makes it harder to step up in the pocket.  Considering the difficulties that the Dallas OL has had, I would not think they would be successful vs the Giants DL. 
3. The Giants had a few rough games in the beginning of the season but have turned it around over the last few weeks. After starting so well last season and then having a disaster of a finish after the bye-week, are the Giants for real this season?
Games like this can help us figure that one out.  If you ask Rolle and Tuck, the Giants defense is just "having fun" out there now.  Fewell has definitely made some adjustments on the defense.  The offense is finding a little more rhythm.  If Eli can play a little more consistently, this offense can really hum.  The 3 Giants WRs are pound for pound as good as the Dallas WRs, which says a lot. 
My summed up answer is that this team can go as far as MLBer Jonathan Goff can take them.  He is the X-factor.  He can be the glue that makes the defense stout or he can be the jelly that makes it ooze.  Every game he is out there as the starter he is getting more comfortable.  If he can make his reads, stop the run and handle coverage assignments, the Giants will go as far as he can take them.
4. Are you worried the Giants will focus too much on the fact that the Cowboys aren't having the season predicted for them and not take them as seriously as they should?
Absolutely not.  If anything, the Giants were a little bit flat vs the Lions because that game was sandwiched between the Texans and Cowboys.  The Giants know full well how dangerous the Cowboys are, how the Cowboys have outgained their opponent every week, despite the losses.  They know the Cowboys are a wounded animal.  As Pete, one of our contributors to the blog notes, this game is the Super Bowl for the Cowboys, because at 1-4 they simply cannot afford another loss and they can ill afford a loss to a division rival.  The Giants know this and will have to match that intensity.
5. What do you think is the key matchup for the Giants on Sunday and do you have a prediction for the game?

Wonder, another contributor to UltimateNYG, notes that there is only one question, the first one I gave to you... can the Dallas OL keep Romo upright?  So the key matchup is the Dallas OL vs the Giants DL.  If Romo gets the time, Dallas will win.  Two years ago in December, Romo did not have the time, but neither did Eli.  Both were getting ripped apart.  But here was the key- Jason Garrett started using 3 step drops and a steady dose of screens to slow down the pass rush, and that put Romo back together.  Kevin Gilbride, the OC for the Giants, did not make those same adjustments, Eli ended up with 8 sacks and the Giants lost.  So as we type up these answers, we ask aloud, what is Jason Garrett going to do to help his OL and to help his QB? If Garrett schemes this well, and Fewell adjusts, it will be a great game. 
Prediction?-  Which Dallas team shows up?  The one that commits a million penalties and turnovers, or the buzzsaw that annihilated the Texans?  I fully expect the buzzsaw, but I also expect the Giants to play a very good game before their bye week.  No call.

Thanks to the guys over at Ultimate NYG for answering these questions. I will have a preview of the Giants/Cowboys game up Monday morning.