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Garret Sucks, Cowboys Lose | Game Recaps

I’ve been asked all morning about my thoughts on the loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Truthfully, it’s the kind of loss that some teams never recover from. The type that you can look back at the end of the season and say that was the turning point, RIGHT THERE.

There is lots of blame to go around but let’s start with the guy that shouldn’t be making mistakes when it counts. Clock management shouldn’t be something a head coach screws up but Garrett did. I guess they didn’t teach Time Management 101 in Princeton. We all know Garrett should've called a timeout after Bryant's catch and run at least one more play to gain a few more yards instead of wasting 17 critical seconds. Then if the Cowboys have to settle for a 49-yard field goal, fine, but no coach in his his right mind chooses to win a game with a kick that long.

To add insult to injury, Garrett noticed the clock running down and called a timeout as Bailey approached the ball. Bailey made the kick or at least he thought he did but it didn't count because Garrett iced his own kicker.

Like I said, he’s not the only one to blame.

The running game was pure crap yesterday. Obviously Murray misses Fiammetta. In the past two games, with Fiammetta out, Murray has averaged 2.9 and 4.0 yards-per-attempt respectively.  Dallas certainly needs to fix this part of the offense quickly because it’s what made them successful against Seattle and Buffalo.

The running game could be a result of the o-line as well. Maybe they aren’t opening holes? They sure didn’t do a good job protecting Romo yesterday as they let the Cardinals sack Romo 5 times, which is a season high (or in my opinion season worst!!).

Orlando Scandrick had two costly special team penalties. He was called for an illegal block in the back twice, the last time, negating a Bryant punt return ending deep in Arizona's territory.

The thing is, the Cowboys had a chance and they blew it. That’s the way this team seems to play this season, always giving the other team a chance to win. This was their third OT game of the season and this time, didn’t come away with the win. The Cowboys play too many close games in my opinion.

Now, Dallas much get ready for a Giants team that almost knocked off the Packers. If they Giants finish out playing like they did yesterday, THEY will be the NFC East champ, NOT Dallas. There is a lot of work to do this week.