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Week 14: Cowboys Lose in Dramatic Fashion...What Now Jerry?? | Game Recaps

I hope the Cowboys at least wrapped their gift that they gave to the Giants last night. I’m sorry, call me a homer but you can’t tell me how great Eli Manning is because the truth is, on their final drive the Cowboys GAVE the Giants another chance by lining up in the neutral zone which negated a bad snap for the Giants and then handed them another first down on a holding call.

The defense in this game was just terrible and Eli did what I feared he would do, which was just kill our secondary.  And Mike Jenkins, come on dude, I’ve seen Pop Warner kids tougher than you. This guy makes the training staff earn their money.

The truth is this: Rob Ryan’s defense GAVE them that game, Eli didn’t earn it. I’ll admit that Eli has done some amazing things this season but last night was not one of them. Our secondary is pure crap and Eli, like a lot of teams this season showed us that time and time again.  True, it wasn’t all bad last night. Romo had a decent night and I don’t put the loss on him at all. He floated that ball out there for Austin who should have come up with the catch. You could tell that sitting on the bench behind Murray didn’t sit well with Felix Jones because he got the opportunity to show us what he had and he brought it, all night. It does feel a little like de ja vu as our kicking game is what ultimately failed in the end. Bailey is a decent kicker but he’s had 2 very bad endings in consecutive weeks.

While I don’t believe that this is actually the nail in the coffin for the Cowboys, I do believe that it really doesn’t matter of that much because I don’t think either team has the defense to stop either New Orleans or Green Bay in the playoffs.