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Week 8: Cowboys Lose - Eagles Flex Their Muscles | Game Recaps

My apologies..This post was delayed due to the foot of snow and massive power outages my neighborhood received over the weekend.

Remember when I was talking about how the Cowboys need to win their division in order to make the playoffs? Forget that, this team doesn’t deserve to make the playoffs after that performance last night. They’ve proved two things over the last two weeks. 1) They can beat up on a weak team at home and 2) they have no business playing the elite teams of the NFL. This Eagles team we played isn’t the same Eagles team that began the season, so yes, they are an Elite team.

I don’t think there is anything good that came from last night. Tony Romo and his inability to control his offense has me, the guy that has defended him while the rest of the world was beating down on him wondering if maybe I was wrong. Maybe Tony could be a great QB in a place like Cleveland but maybe he’s in over his head as the Dallas Cowboys QB.I don’t want to think that but I was really disgusted to see what we saw from him last night. The offense just had no momentum all night long.

Please tell me the defense didn’t make the flight from Dallas/Ft.Worth to Philadelphia. Or please tell me they got the same snow storm in Philly that I got and the defense stayed in a different hotel and didn’t get to the stadium. Something, anything because there was nothing to like about what they put on the field last night either.

Here are a few quick thoughts:

• Martellus Bennett didn't help his cause with fans and the media with his bobbling of a Tony Romo pass leading to an interception. Why this guy is still on the team is beyond me.

• Paging Anthony Spencer…Anthony Spencer please pick up the white courtesy phone. It’s the Dallas Defense wondering where the hell you’ve been the last few weeks.

• Dez Bryany is a talented receiver, no one is going to argue that. But his sideline antics are becoming a problem. I get that you are frustrated but don’t go the T.O. route and start being an a-hole to the guys around you and the media.

• Sean Lee has a dislocated left wrist and said he's not sure if he'll play Sunday vs. the Seattle Seahawks. Lee hurt the wrist trying to tackle Michael Vick in the first half on Sunday. That leaves Brooking and James to take over for Lee, and I didn’t like what I saw from either of them on Sunday night.

• Tashard Choice said “It’s a blessing” to have gotten cut by the Cowboys on Monday. You’re right Tashard, THANK GOD they ran your ass out of town!!

Here is the good news I will give you. If the Cowboys can fix whatever went wrong in practice this week, their schedule gets a little easier over the next 5 weeks.
Realistically, they could go 4-1 and improve their record to 7-5. Wins over Seattle, Washington, Miami and Arizona are very possible. The way Buffalo is playing makes me doubt that game.