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Written by Darren | 14 March 2012

Welcome Kyle...the bench is over there, why don't you go have yourself a seat and get comfy!!

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Written by Darren | 18 August 2011

I figured that this was as good a time as any to look at the upcoming 2011/2012 Schedule for the Dallas Cowboys. Thankfully, it appears that their schedule is a little easier this season than it was last season but the month of December, like every year is a doozy.

SUN, SEP 11 @ NY JETS (NBC) - You have to be a little fearful of the Jets because they've made it to 2 straight AFC Championship games and barely lost last season. They've certainly added some good players during the free agency and look like a team ready to go back to the AFC Championship. If there is a negative to the Jets for me, it’s that I am not high on Sanchez. The Jets barely beat Rob Ryan's defense in Cleveland last year and let’s hope Rob is ready to have his D put the hurt on Rex's team. It's a tough way to start the season because depending on what they do in preseason, a loss in week 1 could start the talk of it being 2010 all over again.

SUN, SEP 18 @ SF (FOX) - San Fran is not a team that scares me one bit. Jim Harbaugh is a good coach but he doesn't have great tools to work with. The Niners are lost at the QB position and their offensive line isn't very good. Dallas to NY to SF is a tough travel schedule to begin the season but I really don't see the Cowboys losing this game.

MON, SEP 26 WAS (ESPN) - The old Cowboys/Skins rival but the Skins are a team in shambles and should be the team in the basement of the NFC East. I'm still not sure why they shipped McNabb out of town without a good alternative at QB but the only thing I can figure is that Mike Shanahan is hoping to lose enough games this season to be in the position to draft a franchise quarterback in the first round of next year's draft.

SUN, OCT 2 DET (FOX) - The Lions could turn some heads this year but they need a healthy QB to do it. The problem for the Lions is that they play in a very good division and their schedule is brutal. This game is week 4 and this will be the Lions 3rd road game already. I think the Dallas offensive is better than the Lions defense and for that reason, Dallas wins this game.

SUN, OCT 9 BYE - Like last season, this comes WAY too early...

SUN, OCT 16 @ NE (FOX) - The Cowboys are 16-5 in games following the bye but this is a game against the Patriots in Foxboro. Yeah, I'm not hopeful that this game is going to go well at all unless it magically becomes 2008 and Brady is nowhere to be found.

SUN, OCT 23 STL (FOX) - If you have a coach that I like and a QB that I like, generally I am going to say good things about that team. The Giants D hasn't been the same since Spagnuolo left and eventually the Rams D will be what the Giants D was. I expect them to be the team to win the NFC West and win some big games along the way.

SUN, OCT 30 @ PHI (NBC) – I am looking forward to this game. I don't know what to think about the Eagles. Their roster is crammed full of big names but that doesn't always payout in the end. Everyone seems to be picking them to win the NFC East and have a decent shot at getting to Indianapolis in February. Vick will be good, always a running threat. They have great receivers but their running game (other than Vick) doesn't have me thinking wow. They do have a decent secondary though. It should be a great game.

SUN, NOV 6 SEA (FOX) - Sidney Rice, Zach Miller give Seattle needed weapons in passing game but I've never been a fan of Tavaris Jackson and I am still not. The NFC West on a whole is a tough division to predict because none of the teams there particularly thrill me. I mean after it was this division and this organization that sent a team with a losing record to the playoffs last year. If this game were in Seattle, I might consider thinking the Cowboys would lose this game but its not and they won't.

SUN, NOV 13 BUF (CBS) - I don't see the Buffalo Bills as a much improved team from the 2010 version. They don't strike me as a threat on either side of the ball. They were horrible against the run last season Felix Jones should be in a decent groove by this point in the season and could have a big game this week.

SUN, NOV 20 @ WAS (FOX) - I expect the Cowboys to win both games against the Redskins this year. Anything less will be extremely disappointing.

THU, NOV 24 MIA (CBS) - Right now, it looks as if Chad Henne will be the man in charge of getting the Dolphins into the end zone. Sure, he'll have weapons like Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall to help them but the Dolphins don't do anything for me. In their Division, they won't be as bad as the Bills but won't put any pressure on the Patriots and the Jets. The Cowboys are 27-15-1 on Thanksgiving Day, coming off a close loss to the New Orleans Saints last season. We all remember the last time the Dolphins came to Dallas on Thanksgiving and that's NOT going to happen again.

SUN, DEC 4 @ ARI (FOX) - The Cardinals made some nice pickups during the offseason but this was a team that was horrible in every category last season. The question mark for me is what will Kevin Kolb bring to this team? Can he and Fitzgerald ignite the offense like Fitzgerald and Warner once did. Arizona plays in a winnable division and this game is late in the season where wins may be critical. Arizona, if the Kolb/Fitzy show is a hot ticket just might beat the Cowboys.

SUN, DEC 11 NY GIANTS (NBC) - I'm shocked that the Fantasy projections for Eli are 4000+ yards, 27 TDS and 17 picks. I'm not a fan of his, that's obvious and I won't argue against the 4000+ yards or even the TD's, its that last stat. Eli throws picks..PERIOD. He can't help himself. The Giants are an ok team for me. Not great, not going to win the East and likely to miss the playoffs for the 2nd straight year. Dallas has more offensive power than NY, its just the O-line you question in Dallas. When it comes to Dallas / Giants games, they are always thrilling. I say Dallas and NY split this season, both winning their home game.

SAT, DEC 17 @ TB (NFLN) - Tampa Bay has a really good team this year. Josh Freeman is the man and the Bucs turned a lot of heads last season and I only expect them to get better this season. Dallas typically does well on the Saturday Night NFL Network game and this game should be a battle. It could be a very important game for the Cowboys to win but TB will be a very tough opponent.

SAT, DEC 24 PHI (FOX) - I expect Philly to sit at #1 in the NFC East this season. I expect Dallas to be sitting in the #2 spot. A GREAT Christmas present would be Dallas challenging the Eagles for the top spot in the NFC East.

SUN, JAN 1 @ NY GIANTS (FOX) - I said before that Dallas and NY should split the season, both winning at home. I just pray that I am right about NY missing the playoffs and this game isn't for a Wildcard spot in the NFC.

So there you have it. I put the Cowboys at a 10-6 record this season and depending how Philadelphia's chemistry is with all their big names, they could challenge Philly for the division. The Cowboys should at least get into the playoffs with the Wildcard.

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Written by Darren | 08 November 2010

Wade Philips leaves the Dallas Cowboys today as Jerry Jones relieved him of his duties with the team. These are the top five and bottom five moments from Wade Phillips' tenure as the Cowboys' coach:

The Top 5

1. Dallas defeats Philadelphia, 34-14, in the 2009 NFC wild-card game, Phillips' first playoff victory of his career and the first Cowboys playoff win since 1996.

2. The Cowboys defeat the previously unbeaten New Orleans Saints, 24-17, on Dec. 19, 2009, ending what appeared to be another December swoon.

3. Cowboys win Phillips' regular-season opener, defeating the New York Giants, 45-35. It was the first of five straight wins as Cowboys coach for Phllips.

4. .Dallas beats Detroit, 28-27, on Dec. 9, 2007, to clinch the NFC East. The club was 12-1 at the time.

5. A 24-0 win over Philadelphia at Cowboys Stadium in front of 100,621 is the club's second straight shutout of 2009 and has team on roll headed into playoffs.

The 5 Moments To Forget

1. Needing a win to secure a playoff appearance, the Cowboys are trounced by Philadelphia, 44-6, in the final game of the 2008 season. They fall to 9-7 and are out of the playoffs one season after going 13-3. The game comes one week after Dallas fell, 33-24, in the final game played at Texas Stadium in front of a sellout crowd and a gaggle of legendary Cowboys.

2. After a first-round bye, the favored Cowboys lose to the Giants, 21-17, in the NFC divisional playoffs in the 2007 season. A 13-3 record turns into playoff disappointment.

3. Despite all the excitement of the opening of Cowboys Stadium on Sept. 20, 2009, Dallas loses, 33-31, to the Giants in front of a record crowd of 105,121.

4. In a 2010 season full of disappointing moments, Phillips watches as his team plays poorly in a 45-7 loss to Green Bay that drops them to 1-7.

5. A Super Bowl favorite to start the season, the Cowboys desperately need a home win against the Giants. Instead, they lose 41-35 in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicated to fall to 1-5. Quarterback Tony Romo fractures his left collarbone and could miss the remainder of the season.

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Written by Darren | 19 October 2010

The Cowboys are 1-4 and most people would agree that their hopes of being the first team to play at home in the Super Bowl are pretty much gone. So who is to blame? I mean you have to blame somebody don't you?

Wade Philips - As the head coach, the blame for a failed season (which through 5 games, yes this is a failure) always gets placed on the you. The bottom line is that the Cowboys don't appear to be a disciplined team and that is kind of your responsibility. They take stupid penalty after stupid penalty and don't ever seem to learn from their mistakes. Two weeks in a row the team gets called for celebrating in the end zone?? Its a penalty that really hurt them against Tennessee and I just can't believe the coach would allow it to happen again. Sorry, if I were the head coach and it happened, I don't care who you are, you're sitting. I don't think Wade has a lot of control out there but is that really his fault?

Jerry Jones - When you want to be the puppet master, then you certainly get the blame. It's no secret that Wade Philips was hired by Jerry because he wanted a "yes man" after having Parcells in as head coach for a few seasons. For me, it doesn't work. You can't have a team be successful where after every game, the media doesn't want to talk to the head coach but would rather get a quote from the owner. Jerry NEEDS to take a back seat, find a coach that he can give control to and sit in his box, watch the games and count his money. How can Wade Philips have a disciplined team when everyone in the world thinks that Jerry is actually the one controlling things? Bill Cowher's name comes up a lot in coaching conversations for the Cowboys but for that to even have a chance at happening, Jerry would need to change.

Tony Romo - You are the Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and with that comes blame when things go wrong. Don't get me wrong, Tony puts up some great stats but he does make some crazy mistakes. He makes them and key times which amplifies mistakes. For instance the other day, he threw a pick that led to the game winning FG. They got the ball back, he couldn't move it and got the ball back once more without any timeouts and couldn't do anything. Tony needs to find a way to put the team on his back and win games when they really shouldn't. It's what seperates the decent from the elite.

All interceptions aren't the QB's fault, in fact shouldn't the NFL have a stat for interceptions like the MLB has for pitchers when it comes to wild pitch vs passed ball?

Jason Garrett - How can you not blame the offensive cooridinator when you have a team that has three quality running backs to go along with a strong group of wide receivers, and last but not least a Pro Bowl tight end yet has no identity on the offensive side of the ball? Garrett's play-calling has been average at best. The sad number in Jason Garrett's play calling is that Jason Witten has 3 touchdowns over the last two seasons. I know Tight Ends don't put up huge numbers when it comes to touchdowns but I think Garrett could benefit using his tight end in red zone situations.

Joe DeCamillis (Special Teams Coach) - Two big game changing returns, one for a TD and the other to deep inside the red zone. It's unacceptable and your name is climbing the blame list quickly.

Who are you pointing the finger at?

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Written by Darren | 18 October 2010

There are reports that  Kyle Kosier could miss 2-3 weeks with a strained Achilles' tendon. Kosier has been suffering through a string of injuries recently, and ended up coming out of the game at the half. Montrae Holland stepped in as his replacement, like he had to do earlier this season.

This isn't good news for a Cowboys offensive line that is getting pretty thin, especially coming up against a Giants team that has had recent success of getting to the QB. Giants are also a team that I would like to see the Cowboys run the ball up the gut against but I am not sure how realistic that is.

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