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The Blame Game | Trades & Acquisitions

The Cowboys are 1-4 and most people would agree that their hopes of being the first team to play at home in the Super Bowl are pretty much gone. So who is to blame? I mean you have to blame somebody don't you?

Wade Philips - As the head coach, the blame for a failed season (which through 5 games, yes this is a failure) always gets placed on the you. The bottom line is that the Cowboys don't appear to be a disciplined team and that is kind of your responsibility. They take stupid penalty after stupid penalty and don't ever seem to learn from their mistakes. Two weeks in a row the team gets called for celebrating in the end zone?? Its a penalty that really hurt them against Tennessee and I just can't believe the coach would allow it to happen again. Sorry, if I were the head coach and it happened, I don't care who you are, you're sitting. I don't think Wade has a lot of control out there but is that really his fault?

Jerry Jones - When you want to be the puppet master, then you certainly get the blame. It's no secret that Wade Philips was hired by Jerry because he wanted a "yes man" after having Parcells in as head coach for a few seasons. For me, it doesn't work. You can't have a team be successful where after every game, the media doesn't want to talk to the head coach but would rather get a quote from the owner. Jerry NEEDS to take a back seat, find a coach that he can give control to and sit in his box, watch the games and count his money. How can Wade Philips have a disciplined team when everyone in the world thinks that Jerry is actually the one controlling things? Bill Cowher's name comes up a lot in coaching conversations for the Cowboys but for that to even have a chance at happening, Jerry would need to change.

Tony Romo - You are the Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and with that comes blame when things go wrong. Don't get me wrong, Tony puts up some great stats but he does make some crazy mistakes. He makes them and key times which amplifies mistakes. For instance the other day, he threw a pick that led to the game winning FG. They got the ball back, he couldn't move it and got the ball back once more without any timeouts and couldn't do anything. Tony needs to find a way to put the team on his back and win games when they really shouldn't. It's what seperates the decent from the elite.

All interceptions aren't the QB's fault, in fact shouldn't the NFL have a stat for interceptions like the MLB has for pitchers when it comes to wild pitch vs passed ball?

Jason Garrett - How can you not blame the offensive cooridinator when you have a team that has three quality running backs to go along with a strong group of wide receivers, and last but not least a Pro Bowl tight end yet has no identity on the offensive side of the ball? Garrett's play-calling has been average at best. The sad number in Jason Garrett's play calling is that Jason Witten has 3 touchdowns over the last two seasons. I know Tight Ends don't put up huge numbers when it comes to touchdowns but I think Garrett could benefit using his tight end in red zone situations.

Joe DeCamillis (Special Teams Coach) - Two big game changing returns, one for a TD and the other to deep inside the red zone. It's unacceptable and your name is climbing the blame list quickly.

Who are you pointing the finger at?