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Written by Darren | 14 March 2011

  We'll see you on the other side. Hopefully that is soon!!

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Written by Darren | 07 March 2011

There are many reason's why we wouldn't want a lockout, and I am not just talking about that what would we do on Sunday afternoon's reason.

1) Dez Bryant - He had a shortened rookie season due to injury and barely gotten his taste of the NFL. With Romo going out early, he didn't get much chance to work with him. He’s rehabbing from the surgically repaired broken ankle that ended his season early so he certainly needs a full offseason with the medical staff in order to get ready for 2011.

2) Tony Romo - Had his season come to a crushing halt and he'll be 31 next month. If the season were to not happen (and a lockout doesn't mean the end of a season), I'd feel like it might be time to find the QB of the future instead of going to a 32 year old who hasn't played in almost 2 years. Even if the season happens, its time for Tony to make a statement and get this team a championship or its time to look at the future.

3) Rob Ryan - Needs the full offseason to teach his schemes and technique to the defense that allowed the most points in the NFC last season.

4) Mike Woicik - His credentials are irrelevant if he can’t work with the players this offseason.

5) Free Agency - Dallas needs the Free Agency period to start because lets face it, the draft alone isn't going to give the Cowboys what they need.

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Written by Darren | 17 February 2011

The Cowboys have officially named their 2011 coaching staff. Or course, we will have to wait and see if this coaching staff has a team to coach or even a season to play but until then, this is the list. There aren't any surprises but I certainly wish the names Wade Wilson and Dave Campo were missing.

Jason Garrett – Head coach
Jimmy Robinson – Asst. head coach / Wide receivers
Joe DeCamillis – Special teams coordinator
Rob Ryan – Defensive coordinator
Hudson Houck – Running game coordinator / Offensive line
John Garrett – Passing game coordinator / Tight ends
Skip Peete – Running backs
Matt Eberflus – Linebackers
Wade Wilson – Quarterbacks
Dave Campo – Defensive backs
Brett Maxie – Defensive backs 
Wes Phillips – Asst. offensive line
Chris Boniol – Asst. special teams / Kickers
Keith O’Quinn – Quality control / Wide receivers
Bobby King – Defensive assistant / Defensive line
Ben Bloom  - Defensive quality control / Linebackers
Mike Woicik – Strength and conditioning
Walt Williams – Asst. strength and conditioning

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Written by Darren | 15 February 2011

Which player do you slap the franchise tag on? Part of me believes that maybe we shouldn't slap that tag on anyone because we don't know what type of cap and which rules we'd be signing that player under but its worth discussing.

Doug Free's name has been coming up in this conversation for weeks. He was the only consistent lineman all season and if the Cowboys don't sign him, wouldn't they be in a world of hurt? The only problem with giving a guy like Free the tag is that the Cowboys have a history of giving players long term deals a little too early. I mean they should have a few good years before getting a long term deal. Look at Marion Barber as a perfect example. Personally, I'd like to see the Cowboys offer free a 4 or 5 year contract and take some of the money you would have to have given to Free and go after Nnamdi Asomugha, who appears to be on his way out in Oakland.

 As for the running game, I think its time to say goodbye to Marion Barber. A 7 year, $45 million dollar contract just hasn't paid out for this guy. He doesn't have the on field production to justify the money and he hasn't been the best player off the field for the Cowboys as he and head coach Jason Garrett made big headlines in Garretts first week as interim. With Jones and Choice, who are more than capable or being a 1-2 punch in the back field, paying Barber his 4.25 million doesn't seem worth the money.
 Coming up in Thursday's columm, we will look at a few good draft choices for the Cowboys.

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Written by Darren | 04 February 2011

Are you ready? Have you gotten over the fact that the Cowboys aren't going to be the first hosting city to play in the Super Bowl?

The one thing I have taken away from these couple weeks of Super Bowl preperation is that the Cowboys Stadium, is in fact, the best stadium in sports today. People forget this but were quickly reminded of it walking into the building.

Next week we'll get to our Dallas Cowboys - In The Offseason coverage but for now we will enjoy the Super Bowl, even with our team sitting at home.

Final Prediction: Pittsburgh 31 - Green Bay 23 (how many Flozel haters will hate to see Flozel win in our building??)

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Written by Darren | 24 January 2011

So who are you picking?? I have to go with the Steelers. History has proven two things: 1) Steelers rarely lose when they get to the big game. This is their 8th appearence and they've won 6 of the 7 they've already played in and 2) history says that GB has a problem wining games in Dallas. no comments

Written by Darren | 17 January 2011

I have to admit I was a little surprised with a couple of the games this past weekend. I knew the Packers were a good team but I didn't expect them to go into Atlanta and knock of a very good Falcons team, especially given that the Falcons play very good football at home.

The Seahawks / Bears game ended closer in score than I thought. Maybe it's because the Bears eased up a little which opened the door for the Seahawks to score some points. In the end though, it wasn't a close game and the Bears were definately the better team. With the Packers winning, they now get to travel to Soldier Field which sets up a great NFC Championship game.

The scary thought is that if the Seahawks could have somehow won that game, the 7-9 Seahawks would have been hosting the Packers.

The Steelers / Ravens game was a lot higher in scoring than I thought but you have to give credit to the Steelers who were down 21-7 at the half for finding a way to win. Say what you will about Big Ben off the field, but the dude comes to play.

And the big game of the weekend turned out to be just that. No one, including myself gave the Jets a shot at winning this game. They came to play, and they came angry. They got to Brady although after that first INT and then Nick Folk missing an easy 3, I thought the Pats would have luck on their side.

So that sets up an interesting Steelers / Jets game and I wonder how Rex Ryan can spin some kind of personal vendeta against Tomlin and the Steelers..

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Written by Darren | 31 December 2010

It's week 17 in the NFL and that is starting to mean one thing and one thing only in Dallas, a matchup with the division rival Philadelphia Eagles. This will be the third year in a row these two teams meet but this game doesn't have as much meaning as the previous two. In 2008, the Eagles blew out the Cowboys and sent them home, missing the post-season. In 2009, the Cowboys beat Philly so grab hold of a home playoff game for the Wild Card, where they would meet and beat Philly. This season, Philly has secured the #3 spot in the playoffs and Dallas has been out of the playoff picture since October.

Mike Vick - Is apparenlty getting a rest this weekend in order to get ready for the playoffs. That means the Cowboys will get to see the Eagles 2010 project starter, Kevin Kolb. Not surprising really. I mean if you are Philly, yea this game is meaningless. You can't move up or down in the playoff picture so why chance you're possible league MVP getting hurt.

And just a side note about Mike Vick and he's had A LOT of press lately, especially from Tucker Carlson. As a dog owner, its despicable what Vick did but I am a firm believer that with certain crimes, when a person serves his time, we are to treat him fairly. Publicly saying that Vick should have been "executed" is just idiotic and wrong. Now back to the game...

Stephen McGee - Sounds like he gets the start for Dallas. The way the O-line exposed Romo early in the season and often had him running for his life combined with Kitna's inability to really be mobile, I never thought it would take to week 17 to have our #3 in at QB.

Eagles Defense - This will be THE THING to watch in this game. The Eagles struggled against a rookie QB last week and get to face another one this week. The Vikings really did a job on the Eagles D and if Philadelphia wants to have the words "Dallas" mentioned in their game plans after week 17, the defense better get stronger if they have any hopes of playing in Dallas in February.

Jason Garrett - This is the big story of the game for the Cowboys. This will be Garrett's last chance to show Jerry Jones that he's the man to be the head coach in 2011. Win or lose I am not sold that he is the guy to run the show but should he lose this game and end up with a .500 record, I will stand on a pedistal and declare that he is most certainly NOT the man for the job. I know, injuries to Romo, Dez and a host of others can't have my expectations above .500 but they are and Garrett has done a very good job at being a hard ass on this team, something Wade wasn't.

The question is, if the Giants miss the playoffs again this season and they decide to let Coughlin go, is that someone fans would want to see in a Cowboys sweater next season? The guy is a hard ass, as hard as they come but he certainly has a problem finishing things.

Please give me your thoughts on all this.

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Written by Darren | 29 December 2010

Wait...WHAT?? Even though the Cowboys have had a dissapointing season and are headed for an early vacation instead of the playoffs. Five players for the Cowboys will be playing  in January in the Pro Bowl. Jason Witten, Matt McBriar, Ware, Ratliff and Gurode all are going to be participating in this years Pro Bowl. Now I am as excited as the next fan to see my favorite teams players in the Pro Bowl but I find it a bit hard to believe that a team with 5 wins can have 5 players in the Pro Bowl let alone 5 starters. I believe there may have been more deserving people from actual winning teams that should have been awarded with the honor instead. I agree with Ware, Ratliff and Witten but not the other two. What do you all think? Were all 5 Boys deserving?

With that thinking, I am shocked that Eli Manning and his league leading 24 picks didn't sneak his way onto the Pro-Bowl roster. no comments

Written by Darren | 21 December 2010

Wait, didn't we already know this weeks ago when the Giants pounded him into the turf?  The Dallas Cowboys officially ended Tony Romo's season by putting the quarterback on injured reserve Tuesday.

Romo has been out since suffering a fractured left collarbone in the second quarter of an Oct. 25 loss to the New York Giants. He was given a six-to-eight-week recovery time but discomfort remains, and he does not have full range of motion or strength.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones had hoped Romo would be able to return this season but acknowledged after Sunday's win against Washington that it was doubtful.

Jon Kitna has a 4-4 record as Romo's backup and has thrown for 2,250 yards with 15 touchdown and 10 interceptions. He has a 91.4 passer rating.

The Cowboys were 1-5 in Romo's six starts. He finishes the season with 1,605 passing yards, 11 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He had a 94.9 passer rating.

The Cowboys signed wide receiver Teddy Williams off their practice squad to fill Romo's spot on the 53-man roster. Interim coach Jason Garrett said injured players do not travel with the team, but Romo could continue to do so, with games at Arizona and the season finale at Philadelphia.

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